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 Peer Reviewed Articles

Research affecting practical management recommendations.

Open Access Resistance to Azoxystrobin in the Gummy Stem Blight Pathogen Documented in Georgia. K. L. Stevenson, D. B. Langston, Jr., and K. W. Seebold. 
7 December 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Spread of Wheat Curl Mite and Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus is Influenced by Volunteer Wheat Control Methods. J. A. Thomas, G. L. Hein, and D. J. Lyon. 
6 December 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Managing Resistance of Venturia inaequalis to the Strobilurin Fungicides. W. W. Turechek and W. Köller. 
8 September 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Sensitivity of Pseudoperonospora humuli (the Causal Agent of Hop Downy Mildew) from Oregon, Idaho, and Washington to Fosetyl-Al (Aliette). M. E. Nelson, K. C. Eastwell, G. G. Grove, J. D. Barbour, C. M. Ocamb, and J. R. Alldredge. 
11 August 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Efficacy of Foliar Applications of Particle Films and Genotype for Managing Thrips, Diseases, and Aflatoxin in Peanut. J. P. Wilson, C. C. Holbrook, B. Mandal, D. L. Rowland, M. L. Wells, and D. M. Wilson. 
19 April 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access The Response of Fusarium graminearum-Infected Seed of Hard Red Spring Wheat to Vitavax Extra RTU and Dividend XL Seed Treatments. J. J. Wiersma and H. J. Kandel. 
16 April 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Fusarium Species Associated with Tall Fescue Seed Production in Oregon. C. M. Ocamb and S. C. Alderman. 
19 March 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Surveying For and Eradicating Phytophthora ramorum in Agricultural Commodities. N. K. Osterbauer, J. A. Griesbach, and J. Hedberg. 
9 March 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluation of Soybean Differentials for Their Interaction with Phytophthora sojae. A. E. Dorrance, H. Jia, and T. S. Abney. 
9 March 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Characterization of Pythium spp. from Three Ohio Fields for Pathogenicity on Corn and Soybean and Metalaxyl Sensitivity. A. E. Dorrance, S. A. Berry, P. Bowen, and P. E. Lipps. 
2 February 2004. Public Summary | Article

Issues impacting horticulture, agriculture, the environment, and society  

Open Access Methyl Bromide Provides Phytosanitary Security: A Review and Case Study for Senegalese Asparagus. E. E. Davis and R. C. Venette. 
22 November 2004.  Public Summary | Article

Open Access Transgenic Rootworm Corn: Assessing Potential Agronomic, Economic, and Environmental Benefits. M. E. Rice. 
1 March 2004.  Public Summary | Article

Methods for identifying plant health problems and their causes  

Open Access Mango Dieback and Gummosis in Sindh, Pakistan Caused by Lasiodiplodia theobromae. M. A. Khanzada, A. M. Lodhi, and S. Shahzad. 
2 March 2004. Public Summary | Article

Comprehensive information on specific plant health problems  

Open Access Trionymus haancheni McKenzie: A New Pest of Barley in Idaho. J. M. Alvarez. 
15 March 2004. Public Summary | Article

Short reports on new findings and recommendations relevant to practitioners  

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew on Potato Caused by Leveillula taurica in North America. D. A. Glawe, L. J. du Toit, and G. Q. Pelter. 
14 December 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Lycium chinense (Chinese Matrimony Vine) Caused by Arthrocladiella mougeotii in the Pacific Northwest. D. A. Glawe. 
8 December 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Onion (Allium cepa) Caused by Leveillula taurica in the Pacific Northwest. L. J. du Toit, D. A. Glawe, and G. Q. Pelter. 
29 November 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Myosotis sylvatica (Wood Forget-me-not) Caused by Golovinomyces cynoglossi (Erysiphe cynoglossi) in Washington State. D. A. Glawe. 
24 November 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Canna yellow mottle virus Detected in Canna in Florida. M. T. Momol, B. E. L. Lockhart, H. Dankers, and S. Adkins. 
9 August 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s-wort) Caused by an Anamorphic Microsphaera Species in the Pacific Northwest. D. A. Glawe. 
7 July 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Discrimination of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria Using an Electronic Nose. M. T. Momol, M. O. Balaban, F. Korel, A. Odabasi, E. A. Momol, G. Folkes, and J. B. Jones. 
5 April 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Leptographium abietinum Associated with Blue Stain on Declining Western Siberian Larch in Alaska. J. H. McBeath, M. Cheng, P. Gay, M. Ma, and J. Alden. 
23 March 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of White Rust of Lunaria annua Caused by Albugo candida in North America. D. A. Glawe, J. R. Glass, and M. L. Putnam. 
17 March 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Akebia quinata Caused by Microsphaera akebiae (Erysiphe akebiae) in North America. D. A. Glawe and J. R. Glass. 
16 March 2004. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Plasmopara halstedii on Perennial Black-Eyed Susan in North Florida. H. Dankers, J. W. Kimbrough, and M. T. Momol. 
19 January 2004. Public Summary | Article


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Opinions on issues impacting plant health maintenance  

Open Access Healthy Crops, Plants, and Forests: Members of APS are Working to Combat Plant Diseases Worldwide. G. C. Bergstrom. 
27 January 2004. Article

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