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2008 Content

 Peer Reviewed Articles

Research affecting practical management recommendations.

Open Access Alternaria alternata and Plectosporium tabacinum on Snap Beans: Pathogenicity, Cultivar Reaction, and Fungicide Efficacy. H. R. Dillard and A. C. Cobb.
12 December 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Cladosporium herbarum Causes a Leaf Spot on Marshmarigold in Western North America. D. A. Johnson, G. Pimentel, and F. M. Dugan.
21 November 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Integrated Management of Gummy Stem Blight of Watermelon by Green Manure and Melcast-scheduled Fungicides. X.-G. Zhou and K. L. Everts.
20 November 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Does N or K Nutrition Affect Bronze Wilt in Field-Grown Cotton? C. O. Gwathmey, M. A. Newman, and C. H. Canaday.
17 November 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Effect of Soybean Cyst Nematode on Fatty Acid Levels of Soybean Seed. P. R. Beuselinck.
3 November 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Hosts of Phakopsora pachyrhizi Identified in Field Evaluations in Florida. T. L. Slaminko, M. R. Miles, J. J. Marois, D. L. Wright, and G. L. Hartman.
3 November 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Efficacy of Pre-harvest Fungicide Applications and Cold Storage for Postharvest Control of Botrytis Fruit Rot (Gray Mold) on Red Raspberry. M. A. Ellis, L. V. Madden, S. R. Wright, and L. L. Wilson.
16 Octobber 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluating the Pathogenicity of Pythium vexans Isolates from Fraser Fir in North Carolina. K. L. Ivors, Z. G. Abad, and D. M. Benson.
6 Octobber 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Monitoring Mortality of Pythium Zoospores in Chlorinated Water Using Oxidation Reduction Potential. J. M. Lang, B. Rebits, S. E. Newman, and N. Tisserat.
22 September 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluation of the National Plant Germplasm System’s Garlic Collection for Seven Viruses. H. R. Pappu, B. C. Hellier, and F. M. Dugan.
19 September 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Effect of Southern Root-knot Nematode (Meloidogyne incognita race 3) on Corn Yields in Alabama. K. L. Bowen, A. K. Hagan, H. L. Campbell, and S. Nightengale.
10 September 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus in Greenhouse Tomatoes in Kentucky. P. B. de Sá, K. Seebold, and P. Vincelli.
20 August 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access The Effect of Warming Winter Temperatures on the Severity of Pierce’s Disease in the Appalachian Mountains and Piedmont of the Southeastern United States. O. Anas, U. J. Harrison, P. M. Brannen, and T. B. Sutton.
18 July 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Effect of Soybean Cultivars Moderately Resistant to Soybean Cyst Nematode on SCN Populations and Yield. E. A. Adee, M. L. Johnson, and T. L. Niblack.
18 June 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Clarifying the Source of Black Shank Resistance in Flue-cured Tobacco. C. S. Johnson, J. A. Pattison, E. M. Clevinger, T. A. Melton, B. A. Fortnum, and A. Mila.
18 June 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Reaction of Drought-Tolerant Soybean Genotypes to Macrophomina phaseolina. J. A. Wrather, J. G. Shannon, T. E. Carter, J. P. Bond, J. C. Rupe, and A. M. R. Almeida.
18 June 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluation of Sorghum Germplasm from China against Claviceps africana, Causal Agent of Sorghum Ergot. L. K. Prom, J. E. Erpelding, and N. Montes-Garcia.
19 May 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Occurrence and Prevalence of Foliar Diseases on Blueberry in Georgia. H. Scherm, A. T. Savelle, and P. M. Brannen, and G. Krewer.
21 April 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Efficacy of Organically Acceptable Fungicides for Management of Early and Late Leaf Spot Diseases on Partially Resistant Peanut Cultivars. E. G. Cantonwine, A. K. Culbreath, B. B. Shew, and M. A. Boudreau.
17 March 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Efficacy of Chemical and Biological Agents to Suppress Fusarium and Pythium Damping-Off of Container-Grown Douglas-fir Seedlings. R. G. Linderman, E. A. Davis, and C. J. Masters.
17 March 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Biomass Yield Reductions in Switchgrass Due To Smut Caused by Tilletia maclaganii. P. M. Thomsen, E. C. Brummer, J. Shriver, and G. P. Munkvold.
17 March 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Filtration to Eliminate Phytophthora spp. from Recirculating Water Systems in Commercial Nurseries. T. Ufer, S. Werres, M. Posner, and H.-P. Wessels.
14 March 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Adult Corn Earworm (Helicoverpa zea) Susceptibility to Methomyl. D. A. Herbert, Jr., S. Malone, T. P. Kuhar, H. E. Portillo, J. P. Saienni, and R. W. Williams.
12 March 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Foliar Symptom Expression in Association with Early Infection and Xylem Colonization by Fusarium virguliforme (formerly F. solani f. sp. glycines), the Causal Agent of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome. S. S. Navi and X. B. Yang.
22 February 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access QoI Resistance of Plasmopara viticola and Erysiphe necator in the Mid-Atlantic United States. A. Baudoin, G. Olaya, F. Delmotte, J. F. Colcol, and H. Sierotzki.
11 February 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluation of Chemical Agents for the Control of Phytophthora ramorum and Other Species of Phytophthora on Nursery Crops. R. G. Linderman and E. A. Davis.
11 February 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluation of Fungicides for the Control of Phytophthora ramorum Infecting Rhododendron, Camellia, Pieris, and Viburnum. S. A. Tjosvold, S. T. Koike, and D. L. Chambers.
8 February 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Use of Neonicotinoid Insecticides Applied to Soil and Seed for Green Peach Aphid Management on Spinach. P. McLeod, S. Eaton, and L. Martin.
8 February 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Shift in Virulence of Soybean Cyst Nematode is Associated with Use of Resistance from PI 88788. T. L. Niblack, A. L. Colgrove, K. Colgrove, and J. P. Bond.
18 January 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Spinetoram Is Compatible with the Key Natural Enemy of Frankliniella Species Thrips in Pepper. M. Srivastava, L. Bosco, J. Funderburk, S. Olson, and A. Weiss.
18 January 2008. Public Summary | Article

Issues impacting horticulture, agriculture, the environment, and society  

Open Access Milestones in Fungicide Discovery: Chemistry that Changed Agriculture. C. J. Klittich. 
18 April 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access A Synopsis of Phytophthora with Accurate Scientific Names, Host Range, and Geographic Distribution. E. T. Cline, D. F. Farr, and A. Y. Rossman. 
18 March 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access A Decade of Hop Powdery Mildew in the Pacific Northwest. D. H. Gent, M. E. Nelson, A. E. George, G. G. Grove, W. F. Mahaffee, C. M. Ocamb, J. D. Barbour, A. Peetz, and W. W. Turechek. 
14 March 2008. Public Summary | Article

Methods for identifying plant health problems and their causes  

Open Access Postharvest Fruit Rots in Apples Caused by Botrytis cinerea, Phacidiopycnis washingtonensis, and Sphaeropsis pyriputrescens. C. L. Xiao and Y. K. Kim. 
19 September 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Isolation, Storage, Pathotype Characterization, and Evaluation of Resistance for Phytophthora sojae in Soybean. A. E. Dorrance, S. A. Berry, T. R. Anderson, and C. Meharg. 
18 January 2008. Public Summary | Article

Short reports on new findings and recommendations relevant to practitioners  

Open Access Long-term Survival and Seed Transmission of Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli in Melon and Watermelon Seed. C. C. Block and L. M. Shepherd. 
19 December 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Periwinkle Caused by Golovinomyces orontii in North America. D. A. Glawe and S. T. Koike. 
12 December 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Phytophthora alni subsp. uniformis Found in Alaska Beneath Thinleaf Alders. G. C. Adams, M. Catal, L. Trummer, E. M. Hansen, P. Reeser, and J. J. Worrall. 
12 December 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Verticillium dahliae Causes Wilt on Sugar Beet Following Potato in Eastern North Dakota. J. R. Brantner, C. E. Windels, and M. A. Omer. 
12 December 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Coleosporium telekiae, a New Member of the Norwegian Rust Flora. H. B. Gjærum, L. Semb, and V. Talgø. 
6 October 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Colletotrichum dematium on Pongamia pinnata in India. B. R. Vinay, J. Sudisha, N. Sunayana, S. Lokesh, M. Govindappa, and T. V. Kumar. 
2 September 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Wisteria vein mosaic virus in Wisteria sinensis in the United States of America. R. A. Naidu and G. Karthikeyan. 
18 August 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access A New Color Variant of the Dry Bean Bacterial Wilt Pathogen (Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens) Found in Western Nebraska. R. M. Harveson and A. K. Vidaver. 
15 August 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Characterization of Iris yellow spot virus from Onion in Arizona. H. Pappu and M. Matheron. 
11 July 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) Caused by Leveillula taurica in Washington State. K. P. R. N. Attanayake, D. A. Glawe, K. E. McPhee, F. M. Dugan, and W. Chen. 
2 July 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Iris yellow spot virus on Shallot and Onion in France. O. Huchette, C. Bellamy, R. Filomenko, B. Pouleau, S. Seddas, and H. R. Pappu. 
10 June 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Ascosporic Fertilization of Epichloë typhina in Dactylis glomerata Seed Production Fields in Oregon and Implications for Choke Management. S. C. Alderman and S. Rao. 
21 April 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Stem Rot of Dracaena Caused by Aspergillus niger in Iran. M. Abbasi and F. Aliabadi. 
12 February 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Record of Pepper Weevil Infestation in Virginia. P. B. Schultz and T. P. Kuhar. 
18 January 2008. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Phytophthora ramorum Infects Hazelnut, Vine Maple, Blue Blossom, and Manzanita Species in California. M. V. DiLeo, J. C. Bienapfl, and D. M. Rizzo. 
18 January 2008. Public Summary | Article


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Open Access Spinetoram: How Artificial Intelligence Combined Natural Fermentation with Synthetic Chemistry to Produce a New Spinosyn Insecticide. J. Dripps, B. Olson, T. Sparks, and G. Crouse. 
22 August 2008. Article

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