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Posted 29 June 2015. PMN Crop News.

Broadworks Herbicide Receives EPA Registration for Use in Tree Nuts, Stone Fruit and Citrus

Source: Syngenta Crop Protection-US Press Release.

Greensboro, North Carolina (June 4, 2015)--Syngenta announced today that its newest herbicide to aid in resistance management, Broadworks herbicide, has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The active ingredient (a.i.), mesotrione, is the first HPPD inhibitor approved for use in tree nuts, stone fruit and citrus.


Broadworks aids in herbicide resistance management by controlling weeds such as marestail and fleabane that are resistant to herbicides such as glyphosate.

“Broadworks will bring a new mode of action to the table for citrus, tree nut and stone fruit growers concerned about managing glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds,” said John Foresman, product lead, Syngenta. “It will provide growers a much-needed new tool for handling an increasingly challenging weed-management landscape.”

With a single active ingredient, Broadworks enables flexibility when choosing tank-mix partners, by fitting in well in a program with other modes of action to create a full-season weed control program.

“Broadworks is going to be a really good partner for a number of other herbicides in the market,” said Brad Hanson, Ph.D., Cooperative Extension weed specialist at University of California, Davis. “I see it as a really useful tool for a grower that takes a programmatic approach to weed control.”

The active ingredient in Broadworks will provide broad-spectrum and systemic activity on broadleaf weed species with demonstrated crop safety. When tank-mixed, Broadworks also provides enhanced burndown and residual weed control.

Steven Oklesh