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Posted 30 November 2016. PMN Crop News.

Zidua PRO Herbicide Offers Soybean Growers Another Option for 2017

New herbicide from BASF adds performance, consistency and convenience to weed control management strategies

Source: BASF Crop Protection Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (November 3, 2016)--Soybean growers now have an additional tool to control weeds in 2017. BASF’s Zidua® PRO (Premium Residual Option) herbicide is a new broad-spectrum product with powerful burndown and residual control that helps growers address the issue of weed resistance. After receiving U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration earlier this year, Zidua PRO herbicide is now in market and available for purchase.


“Zidua PRO herbicide combines three sites of action for consistent control of tough weeds with built-in resistance management,” said Daniel Waldstein, Technical Marketing Manager, BASF. “As a contact burndown and residual pre-emergent, Zidua PRO herbicide helps growers keep fields clean from contact to canopy.”

Zidua PRO herbicide helps provide residual control up to 14 days longer than competitive group 15 herbicides when applied at full rate. Longer residual control means more time to make post-emergent applications, helping growers spray when weeds are less than four inches tall.

Zidua PRO herbicide enters the market during a critical time for soybean growers. With site of action resistance on the rise, a comprehensive approach to weed management offers the best solution to the agriculture community. Zidua PRO herbicide pairs with post-emergent herbicides, containing additional sites of action to effectively control otherwise detrimental weeds and protect against resistance. Currently pending U.S. EPA registration, BASF’s EngeniaTM herbicide is a complementary innovation — and the most flexible and advanced formulation of dicamba from BASF for use in dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton.

“The pre-emergent residual component of Zidua PRO herbicide provides an effective starting point for season-long control of weeds like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and marestail,” said Waldstein. “Following up post-emergence with the optimum program, which includes Engenia herbicide after registration, will bring total sites of action up to five. This will help sustain these new chemistries for future generations.”

Zidua PRO herbicide is offered in a single, premix formulation, making handling easier and reducing inventory needs for retailers and growers. It also offers greater planting flexibility with a zero-day planting interval on most soil types. The product label contains details on each soil type.

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Engenia herbicide is not registered and not available for sale. The material provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended to promote the sale of the product.

Any sale of this product after registration is obtained shall be solely on the basis of the EPA approved product label, and any claims regarding product safety and efficacy shall be addressed solely by the label.

Always read and follow label directions.

Engenia is a trademark of BASF. Zidua is a registered trademark of BASF.

Sharon Hall