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Posted 31 July 2017. PMN Crop News.

Seeing Is Believing for Farmers in Tanzania

Source: East-West Seed Press Release.

Dodoma, Tanzania (July 3, 2017)--Farmers in Tanzania are increasingly seeing the benefits of high-quality hybrid seeds through practical demonstrations, which allow them to make informed decisions. This is according to Coen Everts, General Manager for East-West Seed Tanzania (EWSTZ), who adds that the company’s partnerships have been key to gaining the trust of local farmers.


“The partnership between SEVIA and East-West Seed, for example, has been instrumental in the acceptance of our high-quality hybrid seeds in the Tanzanian market,” says Mr Everts.

SEVIA (Seeds of Expertise for the Vegetable Sector of Africa) is an organization dedicated to addressing the challenges of limited productivity in the African vegetable sector.

“Seeing is believing,” says Mr Everts, “Through ongoing demonstrations, SEVIA has helped farmers to experience yields of different seeds from various seed producing companies and decide for themselves which seeds to use on their farms,” Mr Everts says.

Serving farmers better

He adds that the majority of farmers are now convinced that selecting quality seeds is a sound investment and EWSTZ is entering a new phase of development to serve them better.

“With the demand for hybrid seed now on a solid path, the next step is to streamline this growth by setting up a robust network of qualified, reliable distributors with whom we are building lasting relationships,” he says.

EWSTZ’s top-selling varieties in Tanzania are open field pollinated, including Rio Grande, Nantes and Michi Hilli which are tomato, carrot and Chinese cabbage crops respectively. However, as market penetration of hybrid seeds in Tanzania is rising exponentially, the top selling hybrids of Kipato, Imara (both tomato varieties) and Andaman (watermelon) are expected to take the lead in terms of total revenue soon.

“As the leading vegetable seed company in Tanzania, we expect to further enhance our reputation as the quality supplier of innovative hybrids. When it comes to selecting a company with the best hybrid portfolio suitable for local markets, East-West Seed comes out on top,” Mr Everts concludes.