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Posted 31 October 2017. PMN Crop News.

2018 MSU Short List of Suggested Corn Hybrids

Source: Mississippi State University Extension Article.

By Erick Larson, State Extension Specialist - Grain Crops, Mississippi State University Extension


Stoneville, Mississippi (October 23, 2017)--Mississippi State University annually conducts Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials: MAFES Corn Hybrid Trials. These hybrid trials are grown in eight locations representing different growing regions, cropping systems and soil types in our state. The Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials are an extremely valuable resource for you to help select corn hybrids for your farm. There is no other source that tests as many hybrids representing the diversity of companies who market corn seed in Mississippi and the Mid-South. In fact, 60 corn hybrids were evaluated this year. Most importantly, these trials are third-party evaluations using sound methodology, so you can compare hybrid performance on a level playing field.

This hybrid testing program depends upon voluntary participation, so if you appreciate this information produced or would like to see additional hybrids tested, please contact your seed company representative, and encourage their participation. Mississippi State University is committed to serving Mississippi growers, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact myself as well.

This publication lists those corn hybrids which have demonstrated superior grain yield productivity in either irrigated or dryland culture in the Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials. These analyses are conducted using replicated research data generated from multiple locations and cropping seasons in order to thoroughly analyze hybrid genetics grown in diverse environments and improve predictability of future performance. This is a great starting point and barometer for you to judge performance of the numerous corn hybrids in today’s marketplace. The best choices for your farm may also depend upon hybrid plant characteristics and growth responses in our diverse soils and cropping systems. We also conduct a Corn Demonstration program to more thoroughly assess corn hybrid characteristics and enhance evaluation of elite hybrids in our diverse cropping systems. The following are links to the Yield Summaries from the Corn Hybrid Demo Program and the 2018 MSU Short List of Suggested Corn Hybrids.

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Erick Larson