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Apple: Malus x domestica ‘Golden Delicious’; ‘Red Delicious’; ‘Rome Beauty’
Apple scab: Venturia inaequalis

Organic control of Apple Scab, 2006

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First Author: N. O. Halbrendt, Pennsylvania State University.

Additional Authors: B. L. Lehman, B. Jarjour, J. W. Travis

Section: Pome Fruits

Keyword(s): Apple, apple scab, organic

Geographical location: Pennsylvania, United States

Products Tested: Champion; Citrex; Micro Sulf; Lime Sulfur; JMS Stylet-oil; EF 400; Vigor-Cal

Active chemical(s): Copper hydroxide; Ascorbic and other acids; Sulfur; Calcium polysulfide; Paraffinic oil; Herb extracts and oils; Calcium carbonate

Biological Control: 1. Citrex, Citrex, Inc. 2. Organic JMS Stylet-oil, JMS Flower Farms, Inc., paraffinic oil 3. EF 400, USAgriTech, Inc., herb extracts and oils 4. Vigor-Cal, Agri-k corporation, calcium carbonate.

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Nufarm Americas Inc. (formerly Agtrol International); Citrex, Inc.; Nufarm Americas Inc. (formerly Agtrol International); Clean Crop; JMS Flower Farms, Inc.; USAgriTech; Agro-k Corporation

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