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Apple: Malus x domestica ‘Granny Smith’; ‘Idared’
Bitter rot; White rot ; Alternaria rot.: Penicillium expansum; Botryosphaeria dothidea; Alternaria spp.

Effect of late-season and postharvest fungicide treatments on storage decay in two apple cultivars, 2005-06.

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First Author: Keith Yoder

Additional Authors: A. E. Cochran II, W. S. Royston, Jr., S. W. Kilmer

Section: Pome Fruits


Geographical location: United States

Products Tested: Captan; Pristine; Scholar; Topsin M

Active chemical(s): Captan; Pyraclostrobin + boscalid; Fludioxonil; Thiophanate-methyl

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Micro Flo Company; BASF Corporation; Syngenta; Cerexagri-Nisso LLC

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