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Apple: Malus x domestica ‘Nittany’
Fire blight; Scab, Powdery mildew, Cedar-apple rust, Sooty blotch, Flyspeck, Rots, Fruit russet.: Erwinia amylovora; Venturia inaequalis; Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae; disease complex; Zygophiala jamaicensis; unspecified; physiological

Evaluation of experimental fungicides for fire blight and fungal disease management on Nittany apple, 2006.

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First Author: Keith Yoder

Additional Authors: A. E. Cochran II, W. S. Royston, Jr., S. W. Kilmer, L. Brumback

Section: Pome Fruits


Geographical location: United States

Products Tested: Agri-Mycin 17; Captan; Cuprofix Ultra 40DF; DPX-JE874- 253SE; Kocide 2000; Manzate DF; Penncozeb; Tanos; Ziram

Active chemical(s): Streptomycin sulfate; Captan; Basic copper sulfate; Famoxate; Copper hydroxide; Mancozeb; Mancozeb; Famoxadone + cymoxanil; Ziram

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Nufarm Americas Inc. (formerly Agtrol International); Micro Flo Company; Cerexagri, Inc; E. I. uPont de Nemours and Company, Inc.; Griffin LLC; Griffin LLC; Cerexagri, Inc; E. I. uPont de Nemours and Company, Inc.; Cerexagri, Inc

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