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Strawberry: Fragaria x ananassa
Botrytis fruit rot: Botrytis cinerea

Evaluation of fungicides for control of Botrytis fruit rot in annual strawberry, 2005-06

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First Author: J.C. Mertely, University of Florida.

Additional Authors: T.E. Seijo, N.A. Peres

Section: Small Fruits

Keyword(s): Gray mold

Geographical location: Florida, USA

Products Tested: Captan; CaptEvate; Elevate; Endorse; Thiram; Valent 50DF (code name)

Active chemical(s): Captan; Captan + fenhexamid; Fenhexamid; Polyoxin D zinc salt; Thiram

Biological Control: Actinovate; Streptomyces lydicus; Natural Industries Milsana; plant extract; KHH Bioscience Inc. Product 223; Trebrough Co. Sea Humus; Trebough Co. Serenade Max; Bacillus subtilis; AgraQuest Inc. Sonata; Bacillus pumilis strain QST2808; AgraQuest

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Arvesta Corporation; Arvesta Corporation; Arvesta Corporation; Cleary Chemical?; Taminco Inc.; Valent BioScience Corporation

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