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Kentucky bluegrass: Poa pratensis
necrotic ringspot: Ophiosphaerella korrae

Fungicide evaluation for the control of necrotic ringspot in Kentucky bluegrass, 2006.

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First Author: N.A. Tisserat, Colorado State University.

Additional Authors: N.R. Brandt

Section: Turfgrass

Keyword(s): necrotic; ringspot; Ophiosphaerella; korrae; fungicides;

Geographical location: Colorado, United States

Products Tested: Insignia; Armada; Heritage; Lynx; Rubigan; Banner MAXX; Cleary 3336; Propiconazole Pro; Headway

Active chemical(s): Pyraclostrobin; Trifloxystrobin + Triadimefon; Azoxystrobin; Tebuconazole; Fenarimol; Propiconazole; Thiophanate-methyl; Propiconazole; Azoxystrobin + propiconazole

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): BASF Corporation; Bayer CropScience; Zeneca; Bayer CropScience; Gowan Company; Syngenta; Cleary Chemical; BASF Corporation; Syngenta

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