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Sweetpotato: Ipomoea batatas ‘Hernandez’
Rhizopus soft rot: Rhizopus stolonifer

Effect of postharvest dip treatments on Rhizopus soft rot of sweetpotato, 2006.

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First Author: Brooke Edmunds.

Additional Authors: G. J. Holmes, M. L. Adams

Section: Citrus, Tropical, Vegetable, and Misc. Crops


Geographical location: North Carolina, United States

Products Tested: Botran; Calcium chloride; K-sorbate; Scholar

Active chemical(s): Dicloran; Calcium chloride; Potassium sorbate, Manganese sulfate; Fludioxonil

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Gowan Company; Bendiner Technologies; Syngenta

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