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Bentgrass, Colonial: Agrostis capillaris 'Allister'
Brown patch: Rhizoctonia solani

Preventive control of brown patch in a colonial bentgrass fairway with various fungicides, 2007

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First Author: John Kaminski, University of Connecticut.

Additional Authors: A.I. Putman

Section: Turfgrass

Keyword(s): foliar blight; fairway

Geographical location: Connecticut, United States

Products Tested: Trinity; Insignia; Tartan; Lynx; Nativo; Headway; Spectator; Manicure Ultrex; Manicure; Disarm; Heritage; Quali-Pro Iprodione

Active chemical(s): Triticonazole; Pyraclostrobin; Triadimefon + trifloxystrobin; Tebuconazole; Trifloxystrobin + tebuconazole; Azoxystrobin + propiconazole; Propiconazole; Chlorothalonil; Chlorothalonil; Fluoxastrobin; Azoxystrobin; Iprodione

Biological Control: 1. ACA1820; surfactant; proprietary; Aqualtrols. 2. ACA2663; surfactant; proprietary; Aqualtrols.

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): BASF Corporation; BASF Corporation; Bayer CropScience; Bayer CropScience; Bayer CropScience; Syngenta; Lesco; Lesco; Lesco; Arysta; Syngenta; Quali-Pro

Publication date: March 25, 2008

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