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Bentgrass, creeping: Agrostis palustris
Typhula Blight: Typhula incarnata

Preventative fungicide applications for the control of grey snow mold on creeping bentgrass, 2006-2007.

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First Author: Nathaniel Mitkowski, .

Additional Authors:

Section: Turfgrass


Geographical location: Rhode Island, United States

Products Tested: Manicure Ultrex; Spectro; 26/36; Daconil Ultrex; Endorse; Insignia; Revere; 18 Plus; Spectator; Armada; Spotrete

Active chemical(s): Chlorothalonil; Chlorothalonil + thiophanate-methyl; Iprodione + thiophanate-methyl; Chlorothalonil; Polyoxin D zinc salt; Pyraclostrobin; PCNB; Iprodione; Propiconazole; Trifloxystrobin + triadimefon; Thiram

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Lesco; Cleary Chemical Corporation; Cleary Chemical Corporation; Syngenta; Cleary Chemical Corporation; BASF Corporation; Lesco; Lesco; Lesco; Bayer CropScience; Cleary Chemical Corporation

Publication date: March 25, 2008

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