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Wheat: Triticum aestivum 'Jagalene,' '2137,' 'Harry'
Head blight: Fusarium graminearum

Effects of Prosaro fungicide and cultivars on head blight of wheat, 2008

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First Author: S.N. Wegulo, University of Nebraska.

Additional Authors: J. Hernandez Nopsa, W.W. Bockus

Section: Cereal and Forage Crops

Keyword(s): head blight; wheat; cultivars; fungicide; Fusarium graminearum

Geographical location: Nebraska, United States

Products Tested: Prosaro

Active chemical(s): Prothioconazole + tebuconazole

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Bayer CropScience.

Publication date: March 30, 2009

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