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Pea: Pisum sativum 'Aladin'
Pythium root rot; Fusarium root rot: Pythium spp.; Fusarium solani

Assessment of organic seed treatments in a commercial pea field to manage seed and root rot on peas, 2008.

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First Author: L.D. Porter, USDA-ARS, Vegetable and Forage Crops Research Unit.

Additional Authors:

Section: Seed Treatments

Keyword(s): Organic seed treatments

Geographical location: Washington, United States

Products Tested: Kodiak; Serenade ASO; Biomin Boron; Biomin calcium; Captan 400; Nordox 75; Triggrr; Allegiance; Sulfur DF; Bio-N

Active chemical(s): Bacillus subtilis; Bacillus subtilis strain QST 713; Boron; Calcium + nitrogen; Captan; Cuprous oxide; Cytokinin, kinetin; Metalaxyl; Sulfur; Urtica dioica

Biological Control: 1. Kodiak;Bacillus subtilis;Bayer Cropscience 2. Bio-N; compost tea, Urtica dioica; Bio-Gro Inc. 3. Soil Triggrr; cytokinin, kinetin; Westbridge Agricultual Products. 4. Serenade ASO; Bacillus subtilis; AgraQuest, Inc.

Biorational Product: shrimp, corn flour

Manufacturer(s): Bayer CropScience; AgraQuest, Inc.; JH Biotech Inc.; JH Biotech Inc.; Bayer CropScience; Monterey Agresources; Westbridge Agricultural Products; Bayer CropScience; Wilbur-Ellis; Bio-Gro Inc.

Publication date: August 18, 2009

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