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Tomato: Lycopersicon esculentum
Septoria leaf spot, Powdery mildew: Septoria lycopersici; Oidium lycopersicum

Efficacy of biopesticides for managing foliar diseases in organically-produced tomato, 2008.

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First Author: Margaret McGrath

Additional Authors: G.M. Fox

Section: Citrus, Tropical, Vegetable, and Misc. Crops

Keyword(s): biopesticides; organic fungicides

Geographical location: New York, United States

Products Tested: Actigard; Dithane DF; Flint; Kocide 3000

Active chemical(s): Acibenzolar-S-methyl; Mancozeb; Trifloxystrobin; Copper hydroxide

Biological Control: 1. Actinovate SP; Streptomyces lydicus; Natural Industries, Inc. 2. Sporatec AG; rosemary oil, clove oil, thyme oil; Brandt Consolidated. 3. Taegro; Bacillus subtilis var. amyloliquefaciens strain FZB24; Novozymes Biologicals, Inc. 4. Companion; Bacillus subtilis GB03; Growth Products, Ltd. 5. MOI-106; Extract of Reynoutria sachalinensis; Marrone Organic Innovations, Inc. 6. Organocide; 5% sesame oil; Organic Laboratories, Inc.

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Syngenta; Dow AgroSciences LLC; Bayer CropScience; DuPont.

Publication date: March 30, 2009

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