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Apple: Malus x domestica 'Jonagold'
Flyspeck; Sooty blotch: Zygophiala jamaicensis; species complex

Evaluation of fungicides and application timing for control of powdery mildew in an ‘Empire’ ‘Jonagold’ orchard with a DMI-resistant apple scab population, 2009.

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First Author: K.D. Cox, Cornell University

Additional Authors: S.M Villani, J.J. Raes

Section: Pome Fruits


Geographical location: New York, United States

Products Tested: Captan; ProPhyt; Serenade Max; Inspire Super; Pristine; JMS Stylet-oil; OxiDate; Kaligreen; Lime Sulfur; Agristar Basic Copper 53

Active chemical(s): Captan; Potassium phosphite; Bacillus subtilis strain QST 713; Difenoconazole + cyprodinil; Pyraclostrobin + boscalid; Paraffinic oil; Hydrogen peroxide; Potassium bicarbonate; Lime Sulfur; Basic copper sulfate

Biological Control: 1) Prophyt; potassium phosphite; Helena Chemical Co. 2) Serenade Max, QST 173 strain of Bacillus subtilis; AgraQuest Inc. 3. Organic JMS Stylet-Oil; paraffinic oil; JMS Flower Farms Inc. 4) Oxidate; hydrogen dioxide; BioSafe Systems, LLC 5) K

Biorational Product:  

Manufacturer(s): Arysta; Helena Chemical Company; AgraQuest, Inc.; Syngenta; BASF Corporation; JMS Flower Farms, Inc.; Biosafe Systems; Arysta; Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Company; Agristar  

Publication date: March 26, 2010

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