Report No. 5:SMF057
Grape: Vitis interspecific hybrid 'Vignoles'
Botrytis bunch rot, sour rot, Phomopsis: Botrytis cinerea; Acetobacter spp. yeasts; Phomposis viticola

Evaluation of fungicide programs for control of bunch rots in ‘Vignoles’ grapes, 2009.

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First Author: Annemiek Schilder, Plant Pathology, MSU

Additional Authors: J.M. Gillett, R.W. Sysak

Section: Small Fruits

Keyword(s): Cultural practices, organic

Geographical location: Michigan, United States

Products Tested: Serenade Max; Pristine; Captan 80 WDG; Sevin XLR; Vangard; OxiDate; Phostrol; BlightBan A506; Actinovate

Active chemical(s): Bacillus subtilis; Boscalid + pyraclostrobin; Captan; Carbaryl; Cyprodinil; Hydrogen dioxide; Phosphates; Pseudomonas fluroescens; Streptomyces lydicus

Biological Control: 1. Potassium metabisulfate; 2. Fungastop; citric acid and mint oil; Soil Technologies Corp

Biorational Product:  

Manufacturer(s): AgraQuest, Inc.; BASF Corporation; Arvesta Corporation; Bayer CropScience; Syngenta; Biosafe Systems; Nufarm Americas Inc.; Nufarm Americas Inc.; Natural Industries, Inc. Leaf removal

Publication date: August 12, 2011

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