Report No. 5:SMF058
Grape: Vitis labrusca 'Concord'
Black rot, powdery mildew, Phomopsis, downy mildew: Guignardia bidwellii; Erysiphe necator; Phomopsis viticola; Plasmopara viticola

Evaluation of fungicides for control of foliar, fruit, and cane diseases in ‘Concord’ grapes, 2009.

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First Author: Annemiek Schilder, Plant Pathology, MSU

Additional Authors: J.M. Gillett, R.W. Sysak

Section: Small Fruits


Geographical location: Michigan, United States

Products Tested: Dithane 75 DF Rainshield; Revus Top; Elite; Pristine; Ziram

Active chemical(s): Bisdithiocarbamate; Mandipropamid + difenoconazole; Myclobutanil; Pyraclostrobin + boscalid; Zinc dimethyldithiocarbamate

Biological Control:  

Biorational Product:  

Manufacturer(s): Dow AgroSciences LLC; Syngenta; Bayer CropScience; BASF Corporation; United Phosphorus Inc.  

Publication date: August 12, 2011

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