Report No. 5:T011
Bentgrass, creeping: Agrostis stolonifera; 'Dominant Plus'
Turfgrass quality: Abiotic

Evaluation of a BASF fungicide program for maintenance of creeping bentgrass putting greens in Raleigh, NC, 2010.

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First Author: Michael Soika, North Carolina State University

Additional Authors: L.P. Tredway

Section: Turfgrass


Geographical location: North Carolina, United States

Products Tested: Trinity; Daconil Ultrex; Honor; Spectro; Chipco Signature; Iprodione Pro; Banner MAXX; Emerald; Instrata; Disarm C; Subdue MAXX; Insignia

Active chemical(s): Triticonazole; Chlorothalonil; Boscalid + pyraclostrobin; Chlorothalonil + thiophanate-methyl; Fosetyl-aluminum; Iprodione; Propiconazole; Boscalid; Chlorothalonil + propiconazole + fludioxonil; Fluoxastrobin + chlorothalonil; Mefenoxam; Pyraclostrobin

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): BASF Corporation; Syngenta; BASF Corporation; Cleary Chemical Corporation; Bayer CropScience; BASF Corporation; Syngenta; BASF Corporation; Syngenta; Arysta; Syngenta; BASF Corporation

Publication date: March 28, 2011

The American Phytopathological Society