Report No. 6:FC057
Rice: Oryza sativa
Sheath blight, narrow brown leaf spot: Rhizoctonia solani; Cercospora janseana

Efficacy of biocontrol agents for suppression of sheath blight and narrow brown leaf spot in organic rice, 2011

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First Author: Xin-Gen Zhou, Texas A&M System AgriLife Research

Additional Authors: A.M. McClung, J. Cammack

Section: Field Crops

Keyword(s): biocontrol agent

Geographical location: Texas, United States

Products Tested:

Active chemical(s):

Biological Control: Serenade MAX; Serenade ASO; Ballad Plus; AgraQuest, Inc; Thermo MAG

Biorational Product: Bacillus subtilis strain


Publication date: March 30, 2012

The American Phytopathological Society