Report No. 6:ST014
Pepper; Eggplant; Tomato: Capsicum sp.; Solanum melongena; Lycopersicon esculentum
Wilt of pepper; charcoal rot of pepper; Phomopsis blight of eggplant; root rot of tomato; white rot of eggplant: Macrophomina phaseolina; Phomopsis vexans; Rhizoctonia solani; Sclerotinia sclerotiorum; Fusarium oxysporum

Biological control of soilborne diseases of vegetables in India.

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First Author: Ramandeep Kaur

Additional Authors: J. Kaur, R. S. Singh

Section: Seed Treatments

Keyword(s): seet treatments;

Geographical location: Punjab, INDIA

Products Tested:

Active chemical(s):

Biological Control:

Biorational Product: Isolates microbes: Bacillus subtilis; Pseudomonas florescens; Trichoderma harzianum; T. viride


Publication date: March 30, 2012

The American Phytopathological Society