Report No. 7:SMF005
Blueberry: Vaccinium corymbosum 'Rebel'
Mummy berry; Blueberry rust: Monilinia vaccinii-corybosi; Pucciniastrum vaccinii

Fungicides for mummy berry and blueberry rust control on ‘Rebel’ in North Carolina, 2012.

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First Author: W. O. Cline, North Carolina State University

Additional Authors: B. K. Bloodworth

Section: Small Fruits


Geographical location: North Carolina, United States

Products Tested: Indar; Pristine; Quash; Regalia

Active chemical(s): Fenbuconazole; Pyraclostrobin + Boscalid; Metaconazole; Reynoutria sachalinensis extract

Biological Control:  

Biorational Product:  

Manufacturer(s): Dow AgroSciences LLC; BASF Corporation; Valent BioScience Corporation; Marrone Bio Innovations  

Publication date: March 11, 2013

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