Report No. 7:SMF024
Grape: Vitis vinifera, 'Chardonnay', 'Cabernet Franc'
Bunch rot; Ripe rot; Ripe rot; Black rot: Botrytis cinerea; Colletorichum sp.; Guignardia bidwelli

Botrytis rot and bunch rot control with new and existing fungicides, conventional, and reduced risk/alternative fungicide programs, 2012.

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First Author: Noemi Halbrendt, Penn State University

Additional Authors: J. M. Halbrendt, B. Jarjour, Brian Hed

Section: Small Fruits


Geographical location: United States

Products Tested: Captan 80 WDG; Cohere; Elevate; Flint; IKF-5411; Luna Experience; Merivon; Meteor; Potassium Metabisulfite; Pristine; Regalia; Rovral; Serenade Max; Sylgard; Vangard; Vapor Gard

Active chemical(s): Captan; Alkanolamide surfactants; Fenhexamid; Trifloxystrobin; Unknown; Fluopyram + Tebuconazole; Fluxapyroxad + Pyraclostrobin; Propylene Glycol; Potassium metabisulfite; Pyraclostrobin + Boscalid; Reynoutria sachalinensis extract; Iprodione; Bacillus subtilis ; Polysiloxane; Cyprodinil; Di-l-p-menthene

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Arysta; Helena Chemical Company; Arysta; Bayer CropScience; ISK Biosciences Corporation; Bayer CropScience; BASF Corporation; United Phosphorus Inc.; NAPA Fermentation; BASF Corporation; Marrone Bio Innovations; Bayer CropScience; AgraQuest, Inc.; Wilbur-Ellis; Syngenta; Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Company

Publication date: March 11, 2013

The American Phytopathological Society