Report No. 7:SMF033
Grape: Vitis vinifera 'Chardonnay'
Powdery mildew: Erysiphe necator

Fungicide control of grape powdery mildew, trials II and III, 2012.

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First Author: I.S. Bay, University of California, Davis

Additional Authors: T.N. Nguyen, J.F. Emerson, W.D. Gubler

Section: Small Fruits


Geographical location: California, United States

Products Tested: IFK; Tri-Tek; Vivando; CX-10440; Elite; Exp 4; Exp A; Exp. 1; Exp. 2; Flint; HiWett; IKF-309; Koverall; Luna Experience; MARXP-1; MARXP-2; NuFilm P; Phyton -27AG; Pristine; Procure; Quadris Top; Quintec; Rally; Tri-Tek; Viticure; Vivando

Active chemical(s): Unknown; Petroleum oil; Metrafenone; Polyoxin-D; Tebuconazole; Proprietary; Proprietary; Proprietary; Proprietary; Trifloxystrobin; Polysiloxane polyether copolymer, polyoxyehtylene-polyoxypropylene copolymer & alcohol ethoxylate; Unknown; Sulfur; Fluopyram + Pyrimethanil; Potassium hypochlorite; Peroxyacertic acid + hydrogen peroxide + acetic acid; Poly-1-p-Menthene; Copper sulphate pentahydrate; Pyraclostrobin + Boscalid; Triflumizole; Azoxystrobin + Difenoconazole; Quinoxyfen; Myclobutanil; Petroleum oil; Triflumizole; Metrafenone

Biological Control: 1. JMS Stylet-oil; paraffinic oil; JMS Flower Farms, Inc.; 2. Acadian; soluble potash; Acadian Agritech; 3. Eco 4000; proprietary; NatureChem; 4. Sonata; Bacillus pumiilus QST 2808, Agraquest; 5. Regalia; Reynoutria sachilinensis extract; Marrone BioInnovations

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): ISK Biosciences Corporation; Brandt Monterey; BASF Corporation; Certis; Bayer CropScience; Proprietary; Proprietary; Proprietary; Proprietary; Bayer CropScience; First Choice; ISK Biosciences Corporation; BASF Corporation; Bayer CropScience; EnviroTech Chemical Services, Inc.; EnviroTech Chemical Services; Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Company; Phyton Corp.; BASF Corporation; Chemtura Corporation; Syngenta; Dow AgroSciences LLC; Dow AgroSciences LLC; Brandt Monterey; Chemtura Corporation; BASF Corporation

Publication date: March 11, 2013

The American Phytopathological Society