Report No. 7:ST006
Pumpkin: Cucurbita pepo
Phytophthora blight: Phytophthora capsici

Evaluation of novel seed sanitizers on fungicide efficacy against Phytophthora capsici and seedling vigor, 2012.

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First Author: Xiulan Xu, The Ohio State University

Additional Authors: S.A. Miller, M.L. Lewis Ivey

Section: Seed Treatments


Geographical location: Ohio, United States

Products Tested: BeerClean; Bleach; Dry heat; Microwaves; Ultraviolet light

Active chemical(s): Trichloromelamine; Sodiumhypochlorite; Unknown; N/A; N/A

Biological Control: 1. sodium hypochlorite, Chlorox; 2. BeerClean, Diversey

Biorational Product: 1. dry heat; 2. Ultraviolet light; 3. Microwaves

Manufacturer(s): Diversey Inc.; Chlorox; N/A; N/A; N/A

Publication date: March 11, 2013

The American Phytopathological Society