Report No. 8:STF011
Peach: Prunus persica 'Encore'
Brown rot blossom blight & fruit rot; Rusty spot; Scab; Rhizopus rot: Monilinia fructicola; Podosphaera leucotricha; Fusicladium carpophilum; Rhizopus spp.

Comparison of fungicide programs for full-season management of peach diseases, 2013.

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First Author: Norman Lalancette, Rutgers University

Additional Authors: J. Gager, K.A. McFarland

Section: Stone Fruits and Nuts

Keyword(s): Brown rot; blossom blight; peach scab; rusty spot; Rhizopus rot

Geographical location: New Jersey, United States

Products Tested: Double Nickel 55; Cohere; Latron B-1956; Captan 80 WDG; Bravo Ultrex; Cueva; Vangard; Indar; Merivon 500SC; Rovral; Rally; Fontelis; Proxitane; LI 700; Topsin M

Active chemical(s): Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747; Alkanolamide surfactants; Alkyl anyl polyoxylkane Ether, free fatty acid, and water; Captan; Chlorothalonil; Copper octanoate; Cyprodinil; Fenbuconazole; Fluxapyroxad + Pyraclostrobin; Iprodione; Myclobutanil; Penthiopyrad; Peroxyacertic acid + hydrogen peroxide + acetic acid; Phosphatidycholine, methylacetic acid adn alkyl phenol ethoxylate; Thiophanate-methyl

Biological Control: 1. Fracture; Banda de Lupinus albus doce (BLAD); FMC Corp.

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Certis; Helena Chemical Company; Loveland Industries; Arysta; Syngenta; Certis; Syngenta; Dow AgroSciences LLC; BASF Corporation; FMC Corporation; Dow AgroSciences LLC; DuPont; Solvay Chemicals International; Loveland Industries; United Phosphorus, Inc.

Publication date: March 29, 2014

The American Phytopathological Society