Ornamentals and Trees
Wade H. Elmer, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Comparison of Encore Azalea(r) cultivar resistance to Phytophthora root rot, 2003. Report 19 : O001. VIEW/PRINT REPORT.

Reaction of daylily cultivars to natural rust infection, 2003. Report 19 : O002. VIEW/PRINT REPORT.

Effect of fungicides and combinations of biologicals and acibenzolar-S-methyl on Fusarium rot of gladiolus, 2003. Report 19 : O007. VIEW/PRINT REPORT.

New England aster
Comparison of pine needle rust among New England Aster cultivars, 2003. Report 19 : O009. VIEW/PRINT REPORT.

Ornamental switch grass
Evaluation of ornamental switch grass susceptibility to rust, 2003. Report 19 : O003. VIEW/PRINT REPORT.

Rainbow pink
Reaction of rainbow pink cultivars to Alternaria leaf spot, 2003. Report 19 : O003. VIEW/PRINT REPORT.

Reaction of rose cultivars to black spot disease, 2003. Report 19 : O004. VIEW/PRINT REPORT.

Evaluation of snapdragon cultivars for resistance to downy mildew, 2000 and 2001 Report 19 : O010. VIEW/PRINT REPORT.

Reaction of vinca (Madagascar periwinkle) cultivars to web blight, 2003. Report 19 : O005. VIEW/PRINT REPORT.

Reaction of Viola spp. cultivars to Botrytis flower spot/blight, 2003. Report 19 : O006. VIEW/PRINT REPORT.